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Browse through the schedules of past seasons of Northwest Chicago Film Society’s Classic Film Series screenings at the Portage Theater.

Season 1: February – May 2011


Season 2: June – August 2011                       Season 3: September – December 2011                   Season 4: January – April 2012

                 Season 7 Archive

Season 5: April – August 2012                Season 6: September – December 2012                   Season 7: January – April 2013

2 Responses to Classic Film Series Archives

  1. Cynthia Brooke says:

    I couldn’t find the 2012 schedule on your website. Is it there?

  2. Becca Hall says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    Hopefully you’ve found the schedule by now. You can see the current schedule for the Classic Film Series by going to the “Screenings” menu at the top of the page and clicking on “Classic Film Series”.

    You can also visit our home page at to see what this week’s film is quickly.

    Hope this helps.

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