Bank of America Cinema

The last film projected for an audience at Bank of America Cinema, scenic Canada by train. Photo by K.A. Westphal

Check back soon for a more comprehensive virtual resting place for the late Bank of America Cinema, but for now, here are some write-ups about the end of the line:

• Former programmer Mike King’s article about the Bank of America Cinema’s closing on Cine-File.
• Former programmer Matthew Hoffman’s reflections.
• The Wall Street Journal’s take.
• A first-time attendee’s impressions of the last screening ever.

We’re also in the process of archiving all of the Classic Film Series’ old calenders (more coming soon, but here’s a few years back for now).

Bank of America Cinema July – December 2010
Bank of America Cinema January – June 2010
Bank of America Cinema July – December 2008

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