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“…extraordinary…” – David Bordwell

“I know where I’m going Wednesday.” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“…the best kind of repertory programming” – Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader

“…one of the city’s premier repertory cinema programmers.” – Laura Emerick, Chicago Sun-Times

“NWCFS programmers are peerless repertory cinema magicians…” – Steven Pate, Chicagoist

The Northwest Chicago Film Society is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization founded in January 2011 by Becca Hall, Julian Antos, and Kyle Westphal, three projectionists and programmers of the late Bank of America Cinema and Chicago projectionists and film enthusiasts.

W H A T   W E   A R E   A B O U T

The Northwest Chicago Film Society exists to promote the preservation of film in context. Films capture the past uniquely. They hold the stories told by feature films, but also the stories of the industries that produced them, the places where they were exhibited, and the people who watched them. We believe that all of this history–not just of film, but of 20th century industry, labor, recreation, and culture–is more intelligible when it’s grounded in unsimulated experience: seeing a film in a theater, with an audience, and projected from film stock.


W H O   W E   A R E

Julian Antos, President
JULIAN ANTOS grew up less than two miles from NWCFS’s home at the Portage Theater and saw his very first movie just down the road at the Patio Theater. He began collecting 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film when he was 16, and soon put his passion to use as a projectionist and programmer at the University of Chicago’s Doc Films (where he booked films and programmed a ten-week series called “Always Crashing in the Same Car: British Cinema After the New Wave”) and at Portage Park’s Bank of America Cinema.

A co-founder of the Northwest Chicago Film Society, Julian currently serves as co-programmer, secretary, chief projectionist, shipping coordinator, and liaison to studios, archives, and film collectors. When he’s not on the phone with the Library of Congress or lugging 50 lb. boxes to FedEx, he likes to inspect, catalog, watch, and acquire films for his ever-growing film collection (known in our program notes as the Radio Cinema Film Archive). You can also wave to him up in the booth at the Music Box or the Patio Theater.

Contact Julian: julian AT northwestchicagofilmsociety DOT org


BECCA HALLRebecca Hall, Executive Director
REBECCA HALL hails from New Haven, Connecticut. She first comprehended the special materiality of the movies in the summer of 2003, at a silent film series presented in Bucksport, Maine by Northeast Historic Film, where a scholar introducing one of the programs recounted the 1978 unearthing of hundreds of reels of nitrate film from a paved-over swimming pool in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.

“The idea that it was possible to find – in the ground! – not just shards of pottery or old medicine bottles but actual photographic evidence of the lives led and stories told by people born 100 years before me was stunning. The idea that physical film could have a life that long, and that there were still machines that could read this information…. It was like finding out that bodily resurrection was possible.”

Since then, Rebecca’s worked as a projectionist for several venerable Chicago institutions, including the Bank of America Cinema, the Gene Siskel Film Center, the University of Chicago Film Studies Center, and Doc Films.  Rebecca also managed Open Produce, Hyde Park’s favorite late night grocery destination. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Since co-founding the Northwest Chicago Film Society in 2011, Rebecca has acted as our house manager, designer (print and online), press liaison, and treasurer. She also introduces our screenings.

Contact Rebecca: becca AT northwestchicagofilmsociety DOT org



Kyle Westphal, Vice President
KYLE WESTPHAL spent his adolescence in Sacramento, California and learned about movies at the Crest and Tower Theatres. (A screening of Apocalypse Now Redux in a latter-day Technicolor dye transfer 35mm print at the Crest taught him about the emotional importance of print quality in ways that a teenager had no hope of articulating.) For four years Kyle served variously as treasurer, projectionist, historian, and ultimately programming chair for Doc Films at the University of Chicago. He has also interned or worked at the Bank of America Cinema, the University of Chicago Film Studies Center, the Little Theatre, Monaco Digital Film Lab, UCLA Film & Television Archive, the Pacific Film Archive, and the George Eastman House. His program notes are featured on Kino’s “Avant-Garde 3″ DVD box set, which recently won a Film Heritage Award from the National Society of Film Critics. He is a 2009 graduate of the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation.

At the Northwest Chicago Film Society, Kyle serves as co-programmer and writes our blog. He’s interested in avant-garde cinema, early talkies, the history of non-theatrical distribution and exhibition, and everything else. He is working on a book or two.

Contact Kyle: kyle AT northwestchicagofilmsociety DOT org

L E A R N   M O R E

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  1. Jorge Galvan says:

    Hi, I ran across your site here, after linking it from the Portage theatre site. I have a question: I am interested in opening my own cinema. Unlike the Portage, this is a smaller theatre and I was wondering if any of you three, have experience in running a cinema.

    I would love to show ONLY independent films and Foreign films and I am VERY Clueless on how to go about doing this. I would appreciate any help and advice you can offer, or link me to online. Thank you!


  2. Manuel Pace says:

    Hi, I am 57 years old and I live in Malta Europe, my brother Joe and I have been collecting and swapping Super 8mm and 16mm films for more then 35 years.
    For the last 10 years we dedicated our collection for 16mm feature films mostly from the all over the US, at one point in time we had more then 700 features . Since the introduction of digital format, we have downsized our collection and replaced many films to digital format, something we sure regret now we have lost some very great titles on film !!
    Well we still love the film on 16mm and 35mm more then we do on digital and we sure hope to have people like you to make aware others to keep this wonderful hobby of film collecting alive and strong !
    Thanks keep the good work and well done for a great site well informed and very nostalgic .


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