Mitchell Leisen’s Hold Back the Dawn
Rare Best Picture Nominee in 35mm This Wednesday

The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – $5.00 per ticket
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Wednesday, February 27 @ 7:30pm
Directed by Mitchell Leisen • 1941
Finding his raucous European playground inelegantly transformed into a war zone, Romanian dancer and gigolo Charles Boyer sets out for America; he gets as far as Mexico, denied entry to the US on the basis of an antiquated quota system. After resigning himself to a lifetime in the Esperanza flophouse, Boyer learns from ex-lover Paulette Goddard that an entrance visa is just a marriage license away. Setting his sights on mousy American school teacher Olivia DeHavilland, Boyer discovers the perils and rewards of citizenship and true love, in that order. Unfairly denigrated by co-writer Billy Wilder as the movie that prompted him to become a director (he harbored lifelong resentment towards Mitchell Leisen when he acceded to Boyer’s request to cut a melancholic, one-sided conversation with a cockroach), Hold Back the Dawn requires no apology. A romantic melodrama blessed with acid wit or perhaps a farce that cannot help but reflect the seriousness of its historical moment, it remains a singular treasure. (KW)
116 min • Paramount Pictures • 35mm from Universal
Serial: Captain Marvel: “Dead Man’s Trap” (John English & William Witney, 1941) – 35mm – 16 min

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