It’s No Picnic: Peter Weir’s Masterpiece in 35mm
Two Screenings This Sunday at Cinema Borealis

Cinema Borealis  • 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave, 4th Floor
Suggested Donation: $10

Sunday, October 28th @ 6:00pm & 8:30pm
Directed by Peter Weir • 1975
Better known in the US for more straightforward projects like Dead Poet’s Society and The Truman Show, Peter Weir led the Australian New Wave almost single-handedly with The Cars That Eat People, The Last Wave, and this film about three teenage schoolgirls and their schoolmistress who disappear at Hanging Rock. Echoing the adolescent tension and repression of Lindsay Anderson’s If…., Hanging Rock is similarly able to feel real and unreal, and Weir’s sense of minimalism (so unsellable it caused an American distributor to throw a coffee cup at the screen) doesn’t give any clues or comfort. Like Nicholas Roeg in Walkabout, Weir painted Australia as a land of mystery until Crocodile Dundee blew it all out of the water: the score sounds like a jet engine that may never take off, the camera’s lens is masked in a thin wedding veil and often washed out by the sun, and the girls will be lost forever. (JA)
107 min • The Australian Film Commission • 35mm from Janus Films

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