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Announcing our Summer Calendar!

Our summer calendar is now finalized! Please check back this weekend for full capsule descriptions and our shorts program.

Films subject to change, please check our website for updates and see our printed calender around the city and at our first screening on June 8th.

***Please note that there will not be a screening on June 15th***

June 8th: Comanche Station (Budd Boetticher, 1960) 35mm
June 22nd: 5th Avenue Girl (Gregory La Cava, 1939) 16mm
June 29th: Daisy Kenyon (Otto Preminger, 1947) 35mm
July 6th: Native Son (Pierre Chenal, 1951) 35mm
July 13th: Dante’s Inferno (Harry Lachman, 1935) 16mm
July 20th: L’Atalante (Jean Vigo, 1934) 35mm
July 27th: Rain (Lewis Milestone, 1932) 16mm
August 3rd: The Day the Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise, 1951) 35mm
August 10th: Show Girl in Hollywood (Mervin LeRoy, 1930) 35mm
August 17th: The Steel Helmet (Samuel Fuller, 1951) 16mm
August 24th: Take Me to Town (Douglas Sirk, 1953) 35mm
August 31st: Charley Varrick (Don Siegel, 1973) 35mm

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Wednesday 5/25: “Little Man What Now” at the Portage Theater

Join us this Wednesday 5/25 for Frank Borzage’s LITTLE MAN WHAT NOW
The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket

May 25th, 2011
Frank Borzage • 1934
One of the best, most neglected films by one of Hollywood’s best, most neglected directors (you can’t even find a trailer for it on YouTube), Little Man, What Now? is a gently comedic drama based on a popular contemporary German novel. Margaret Sullavan and Douglass Montgomery radiate youth and sensuality as a couple struggling to make a good life for themselves in chaotic inter-war Germany. The fact that the Nazis banned (and eventually imprisoned) the author of the original novel after learning that the producer of Borzage’s adaptation was Jewish makes the film’s unrelenting hopefulness downright heartbreaking.
Print from Universal, special thanks to Paul Ginsburg and Dennis Chong.
98 min • Universal Pictures • 35mm
Tick Tock Tuckered (Robert Clampett, 1944, 7 min) 16mm
Newsreel: 1934

Mordaunt Hall (The New York Times)
Dave Kehr (The Chicago Reader)
Patrick Friel (Cine-File)

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Wednesday 5/18: “Dishonored” at the Portage Theater

Join us this Wednesday 5/18 for Josef Von Sternberg’s DISHONORED!
Marlene Dietrich stars as smoldering secret agent X-27!!!
The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket

May 18th, 2011
Josef Von Sternberg • 1931
“What a charming evening we might have had, if you had not been a spy… and I a traitor.” Marlene Dietrich stars as smoldering secret agent X-27, an Austrian spy behind enemy lines (and between enemy sheets) in World War I. After the breakout success of Morocco, Paramount realized they had a Greta Garbo competitor on the lot, and designed Dishonored with an eye toward making Dietrich Hollywood’s preeminent ice queen, rushing it into production fast enough to beat Garbo’s previously announced, suspiciously similar Mata Hari by eight months. It may have been quickly made, but Josef von Sternberg’s take on the legendary courtesan retained his somnambulist pacing – in fact, there is no better film for luxuriating in von Sternberg’s peculiar haze. The non-sequitur dialogue, always issued discretely between pregnant pauses and often through lacey bric-a-brac, is made even stranger by Dietrich’s ESL line readings, still thick with phonetic uncertainty. As another of von Sternberg’s tragic military heroes rendered hapless by Dietrich, Victor McLaglen spends the whole movie growling through clenched teeth and a pained smile. What other reaction could there be? Cited by Jean-Luc Godard as one of the ten best American sound films, with good reason. (MK)
Print from Universal, special thanks to Paul Ginsburg and Dennis Chong.
91 min • Paramount Pictures • 35mm
Short: Plane Daffy (Frank Tashlin, 1944, 7 min) 16mm

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Wednesday 5/11: Ella Cinders at the Portage Theater

Join us this Wednesday 5/11 for Colleen Moore in ELLA CINDERS
Plus Shorts & Rare Trailers!
The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket

ELLA CINDERS will be introduced by John Falck, grandson of Ella Cinders co-star Lloyd Hughes

May 11th, 2011
Alfred E. Green • 1926
Inspired by the syndicated comic strip by Bill Conselman (who wrote the screenplay for the Eddie Cantor film Whoopee! and Frank Borzage’s Young America), Ella Cinders stars Colleen Moore as a modern day Cinederella who escapes her rotten family to go to Hollywood, the land of promise and Harry Langdon. Chicagoans should recognize Moore’s name from her famous dollhouse now living at the Museum of Science and Industry, but sadly many of her films are unavailable to us as most of the 35mm materials were neglected after being sent from the Museum of Modern Art (where Moore herself had sent them to be preserved) to Warner Brothers. However, Ella Cinders still exists because of it’s non theatrical distribution on 16mm, and thanks to the work of private collectors and preservationists, we’re able to show it here. (JA)
60 min • John McCormick Productions/First National • 16mm

Shorts: Lulu in Hollywood (Izzi Sparber, Paramount, 1944) 16mm Technicolor!
Trailers: Hurricane Hutch (1915 Daredevil Serial!), Whispering Smith (1916 Cowboy Serial!), Flaming Fighter (1916 firefighter serial!)

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